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From:  Brianne Bell
Saturday, 11:15 a.m.

Dear Mr. Adventurous,

If you don't understand the proper way of having anal sex you could permanently damage yourself, ending up in the hospital and never being able to have anal sex ever again. Which is a shame because you will be missing out on one of the most uniquely intense experience of your sexual life.

The idea that you can just lay back and finally let the woman do all the work will not work in this scenario.  This is completely different from anything else you have experienced. The sensations, the muscles you will be using, how you need to prepare yourself, the ways in which you will need to relax.  

Don't look to your partner for any help.  She is in the same boat as you are.  Using an object that isn't even a part of her body. She is going to be having a hard enough time control her new member, not to mention she really doesn't even have a clue as to whats going on down there because she can't feel a thing.  

This is where most people get into trouble because they just try to jump right into it.  So what happens.  They end up having a ton of pain and hurting themselves.

Anal sex shouldn't hurt! 

The problem is most people aren't educated on the complex Strap-on anal sex techniques. Taking a strap-on in your ass for the first time is difficult and confusing.  Its a sensation most men have never felt before and the anus is a very sensitive and highly delicate area.  To get the most pleasure out of anal sex without receiving any pain you have to understand how everything works.

This is a whole new ballgame!  Your old tricks to have sex won't work here.  If you're wanting to incorporate anal sex into your sex life, then you have to learn completely different techniques so you will be able to enjoy it! If you don't take the time to educate yourself all you will do is:

1) Permanently injure yourself

2) Never get a chance to enjoy a P-spot orgasm ever!

Its one thing to learn the techniques, and another to understand what is happening and how it feels. Get both sides of the story with expert advice from women and men.  This way you can hit the ground running, instead of stumbling around in the dark trying to figure out what works and why! 

Brace yourself because you are about to experience the most intense male orgasm ever! 

I’m going to show you how anybody can learn to enjoy anal sex without  pain– even if you’re a BEGINNER and have no idea how!

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    I was once in a position just like you...

A few short years ago I was in a very long term relationship.  Lets be honest the sex life was kind of stale and boring.  We were doing the same old things over and over again. 

That's when I decided it would be a good idea to spice things up.  I brought up the idea to try anal sex with my boyfriend.  He immediately jumped on the idea and was all too eager to stick his cock in my ass.  When I suggested he should take a turn with my dildo up his ass, he jumped across the room with his hands over his ass.  

He thought I was completely insane and there was no way he was ever going to do that. Only gay guys take it in the ass and he wasn't gay.  Nothing I said helped, so eager to at least try something new I allowed him to have anal sex with me.

BIG MISTAKE.  Neither of us had a clue as to what we were doing.  I thought it would be the same as my pussy, so long story short he jumped right in.  

The anus is a very sensitive area and if you don't know what you're doing you can really harm your partner.  I can't even describe the pain I felt.  It was terrible.  We stoped it shortly after and soon after that things just fizzled out.

It wasn't until a couple years later I began dating a gentleman I'll call Tyler who was 15 years my senior. It didn't take long for me to realize that he was different and very kinky compared to what I had experienced before.  Tyler was able to give me orgasms that I never knew existed and he was the one that was able to give me the most intense mind blowing orgasm I have ever had from anal sex.

He showed me exactly what I needed to do to receive anal sex to make it pleasurable.  The greatest lesson I learned came a couple months later when Tyler told me he liked to receive anal sex too.  He told me as much as he liked to have anal sex, he also really enjoyed being bent over and pegged by a woman.

We took it very slow in the begin, as he showed me step by step exactly what I needed to do to make the anal experience an explosive sensation for him.  I couldn't believe how just the smallest things I would do with his ass would quickly put him right over the edge.  I had never felt so empowered and good that I was able to completely satisfy Tyler in every way possible. I mean every way possible!

I learned so much from Tyler and was sad when the relationship ended, but I took everything he had showed me and even added a few new techniques of my own.  Which even Tyler didn't know about and absolutely loved.

I applied and practiced everything I learned with each new man I dated I would put all my new knowledge to the test and I would always make sure I got feedback whether it was good or bad.  

The funny thing how many guys do you know that have ever tried anal sex before? Not many.  All of my ex-boyfriends were "anal virgins". Well that meant I had to start right from the beginning each time, it was great practice and I figured out three things: 

1) How to get a guy to want to try being pegged

2) Everything that worked to give my subs the most Amazing Anal Orgasms EVER!

3) How to train a sub to become a complete anal craving freak!

My practice paid off and I developed a technique that is hands down mind blowing and earth shattering for every guy and had them begging for more. In fact every boyfriend ended up loving anal sex, because the orgasms from it were much more intense.

The anus is too delicate and sensitive of an area to just strap on a giant dildo and throw it into a man's ass.  

Don't be dependent on a woman to know what to do! Learn how to take a strap-on properly so you do not end up injuring yourself.  

Here is what you're about to learn from Secrets Revealed To The Forgotten Male Orgasm!

Here is just a taste of what you will get: 

* Learn how to use a strap-on to have anal sex and give your partner the most intense MIND BLOWING orgasm they have ever felt.   

Both Points of View - Get the male and female point of view to giving and receiving anal sex. Learn what works and what doesn't work.

Anal sex Positions - Learn which ones are best for beginners and work your way up to the more advanced positions. FULLY ILLUSTRATED so you will know exactly how to position yourself and your partner to maximize the pleasure and satisfaction!

Worried about pain from anal sex - learn these tips, tricks and techniques and your submissive will be having nothing but pleasure from this point on!

Learn how to prepare yourself - One of the main reasons people have pain from anal sex is because they haven't prepared themselves for it.  Discover what you need to know so you're ready to receive anal pleasure.  He can be doing this before you ever show up. That way he's ready to go when you arrive.

Discover why anal stimulation feels so good - If anal sex is so unnatural, why can anal stimulation feel better and more intense then regular sex.

Afraid of getting dirty - no problem learn what you have to do to stay clean.

Love stimulating your own anus - hey I have tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your anal masturbation that will send your orgasms through the roof.

Discover the #1 secret to stimulating your partners anus - This trick will stimulate your partners anus to magically open right up for you! No more forcing it in because once you learn this trick, you will have no problem getting it in.

Learn how to use your tongue that will make your partner spread their legs wider and make them beg for more!

Safety First - as with all sexual activity you must be safe, learn how to protect yourself and your partner.

Anal Toys - Learn all about anal toys, which are the best for beginners, which ones will make them want more and discover how to use the more advanced ones to get the most out of your anal play.

The Top 7 Worst Things you could ever do - Do these and you will never get your partner to have anal sex again!

Increase the stimulation like never before - Get your submissive to learn these exercises to control their anus, that way they can relax better, take penetration easier and it can increase the intensity 10X.

The #1 Lubricant to use - I have tried a ton of lubricants for anal sex, some are too sticky, others are too messy, I don't even know what some were desired for but it wasn't to be used as a lubricant.  If you pick the wrong lubricant, you can turn GREAT anal sex into a complete nightmare and your sub will never want anal sex again.  That's why I only use one type.   Its perfect for all forms of sexual activities and your partner will love you for using it. 

The Trombone - Find out what it is, how to use it to get the BEST orgasm you have ever had. Personally all My subs absolutely love this one!

Plus : How To Introduce Anal Sex  

Step-by-step Instruction that teaches you how to get your partner who has never used a strap-on before or had any anal experience to become a Master with yours.    Even if she has never even thought about it.  you'll discover:

* Each step, sequence and technique.  When, how and where to use it.  Forget the guess work, I show you exactly what you need to do to turn an inexperienced woman into a Strap-on Pro.

* The #1 secret to opening up about your interests without having to feel embarrassed.  

*  Many women can't handle the intensity of pegging a man with a strap-on, this one way will make it seem like a regular sex session, so she will be completely relaxed and at ease with you.   

...and that's just the tip of the iceberg!

Don't forget I also got Dr. Polmar to write down everything he knows about the male G-spot. 

Dr. Jay Polmar, besides being the author of over 30 books, is a one of the world's leading experts when it comes to the prostate gland. He has been involved in the field of prostate health and massage for over 25 years.

He has spent many of those years studying how to improve and master prostate massage.

He has helped many of his clients learn how to massage their own prostates to induce incredible orgasms. If anybody knows the prostate, and how to massage it to achieve incredible orgasms, it's him!

Here's a taste of what you'll learn from Dr. Polmar in
'Prostate Pleasure'...

* Step by step instructions on exactly what you must do, and in what order, to give the best prostate massage orgasms of his life

* How to locate the prostate both internally and externally, in step-by-step detail.
* What the prostate's function is in a man's body. Since women don't have a prostate it's important to understand what the function of this vital part of man's body is in order to experience the bliss it can bring him.
* How long you can safely massage his prostate for without causing damage.

* How much discharge to expect when he “cums” from milking the prostate.
* Amazing prostate massage techniques that are guaranteed to send waves of pleasure shuddering up and down his body!

* The RIGHT way to approach your partner and get them to join in on the experience with you. Get this wrong and you may end up turning your partner off from the activity.

* The single most critical thing you must NOT do while trying to massage his prostate. Get this one wrong and you will likely end up doing more harm than good!
* Where to place your fingers to intensify orgasm dramatically by stimulating the prostate just before or during orgasm. This alone has been proven to put men into complete ecstasy!
* The finer points such as how much pressure to use during prostate massage, which direction to rub, and where to maneuver your fingers.

* How to know when you've located the prostate gland by touch. Dr. Polmar reveals the secret to quickly and easily identifying the male g-spot with your finger.

* How to choose the right prostate massager online. Dr. Polmar gives us a totally impartial (and surprising) product review to make sure you're prepared before making the decision to buy a prostate massager.

* Learn how to have explosive orgasms through prostate massage without even touching his penis!
* How to combine prostate massage with other stimulation for explosive multiple g-spot orgasms that will send waves of pleasure through his body!
* How to make a homemade anal toy that's actually safe to use with simple, everyday items found around your house.
* How to perform prostate milking in the shower, to make sure your sub is completely clean.
* How to position your partner and yourself to begin massaging his prostate with the greatest ease and comfort.
* How to relax get your partner to relax his anus so you can easily and painlessly begin the milking of his own prostate.
* The dangers of prostate massage and how to be absolutely sure you avoid them!
* Which homemade aids are safe to use for prostate massage and which are downright dangerous!
* What sensations your partner should be feeling if you or your partner is correctly massaging his g-spot.
* The truth about the relationship between prostate massage and homosexuality.
* When and how to incorporate stimulation of the male g-spot into sex.
* When doing it “by hand” learn which finger will reach the prostate easiest.
* Which motion is most pleasurable when massaging the male g-spot.
* Get past the myths, objections, and taboos that often arise with male G-Spot play.
* How to master the four basic male g-spot massage strokes and the 6 ways to modify each for umpteen pleasurable variations.
* Techniques to create firm, strong erections that last as long as you both want them to, regardless of age!
* The truth about prostate massage and the disturbance of bowel movements.
* How to trigger powerful ejaculations and shattering climaxes, even multiple orgasms! (Yes, it IS actually possible for a male to have multiple orgasms)
* Which types of lubricants work best when massaging the prostate and which ones to make sure you avoid! Certain lubricants may actually harm you
* How to massage the male g-spot to arouse your partner for hours, even days at a time without ejaculation, while maintaining incredible ever-mounting arousal the whole time.

...and MUCH more!

Whew! That's a lot of information. But the great part is, all of this is broken down into extremely easy to follow step-by-step instructions, including pictures and diagrams that leave no room for error when trying to learn how to have anal sex.

Here's what you'll get in The Secrets Revealed To The Forgotten Male Orgasm Program...

Okay, here is exactly what you'll get when you order Secrets Revealed To The Forgotten Male Orgasm downloadable course:

how to use strapon * A step-by-step Anal Sex manual that will explain exactly what you should do and how you should do it. This is an eBook so it’s downloadable to your computer instantly online (in .PDF format)

"The Ultimate Male Orgasm Guide" - Audio Program Narrated by Mistress Brianne
10 chapters; 2 hours and 20 minute mp3 audio 
- Add this to your ipod and listen to it while you are driving, on the bus or even working out

*Tons of very easy-to-follow pictures and diagrams that eliminate all doubt about what you need to do!

Don't forget you will also get  'Prostate Pleasure'...

milking the prostateWhen you order 'Prostate Pleasure: your guide to the male g-spot orgasm' you will receive 101 information-packed pages that will teach you, step-by-step, how to find and massage the prostate to experience the full-body ecstasy of the male g-spot orgasm.    

You'll also get over 80 diagrams and illustrations that will take all of the mystery out of how to apply the techniques Dr. Polmar teaches you. You'll know exactly what to do and HOW to do it. This book is liking having a roadmap to the ultimate male g-spot orgasm.
Brand New: The How To Give Your Partner A Progasm Video

how to perform a prostate massage video
This new 1 hour instructional video series will delve deeply into the inner workings of how to give your partner a Progasm.  A prograsm is a male orgasm that originates from the prostate, an explosive multiple orgasm that never stops.  It can be compared to the female multiple G-spot orgasm in duration and intensity.  You will see first hand step by step how to perform a safe, clean, painfree progasm that will blow his mind.

*These techniques are so powerful you will learn how to be able to make your man orgasm over and over without ever touching his penis.

*How to give him multiple orgasms without him ever cumming!  This way you can pleasure him and then continue to have your fun with his extremely hard erection.

*Foreplay techniques to get him in the mood and ready for play.

*The #1 prostate aid and how to use it correctly so you can give your man constant orgasmic sensations while you sit back and relax.  

And you’ll be able to download all of this online in the next thirty seconds and absorb it from the privacy and comfort of your own home.

Nothing will be shipped, so there is no waiting. You’ll get everything instantly, even if it’s 2:00 in the morning!   

To "Sweeten the Deal" Even More, I'm Going to Throw In...

I believe so intensely that you will have MASSIVE MULTIPLE ORGASMS when you receive anal sex and brag to your friends about how good it is that I want to make it impossible for you to say no.  

That's why I've created these exclusive bonuses.  You'll get the following 4 bonuses, valued at $130 - for FREE!  


Bonus #1

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"Strap-On Training Exercises Video"

Give your man a real pounding the way a man does to a woman. Do it to him the way you like it done to you.  To do this you must strengthen your "thrusting muscles" and enable muscle memorization.  Use these exercises and gain the strength you need in all the right places.

Your will thank her for it! 

Bonus #2

($37 Value - Yours Free)

"Intensify Your Intimate Connection Video"

One of the most powerful ways to connect with your partner and increase the intimacy in your relationship and yet only a hand full of people around the world know about it.  

* Its perfect to wake up to in the morning or fall asleep to at night

* Before a hot play session or to help come down from an intense scene

It reinforces the special connection the both of you share and helps to open up the communication between the both of you.  Make this a regular part of your day and you will always feel close and connected with your partner no matter where they maybe.

Bonus #3 

($29 Value - Yours Free!)  

"Prostate Health, Diet & Exercise eBook" 

* Learn which foods and drinks promote a healthy prostate and which will lead to prostate cancer. Diet is very important to prostate health, and these tips will make sure you're eating what you should be.

* The single most important thing you must NOT do if you want to maintain a healthy prostate.

* Does draining and massaging the prostate really help to cleanse it and keep it healthy? The truth may surprise you!

* Learn which sexual act helps keep the prostate healthy and which actually does more harm than good!


Bonus #4

($27 Value - Yours Free)

"The Ultimate Solution To Premature Ejaculation"

Research shows that 75% of men only last 2 minutes during regular intercourse.  We all know it takes women far longer to reach their sexual peak.  Submissive men must learn to last longer so We Dominant Women can get the pleasure that We deserve. Take your submissive to the next level to ensure complete satisfaction for both partners.

Discover New:

* Breathing Exercises

* How to measure pleasure

* Desensitization Exercises

* How to get your partner involved to help prolong the pleasure

* and so much more...

Total Value of Bonuses: $130!

You can get all of these bonuses free when you place your order for Secrets Revealed To The Forgotten Male Orgasm Program today.

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I can understand if you still have doubts.  Maybe you're not sure that this program is right for you.  Or maybe you think that all of this is just too good to be true. That's natural - I would think the same thing if I were in your shoes.

If so, that's fine because you don't have to make up your mind right now.  I'm going to take every last bit of risk out of you owning this ground-breaking Program by offering you...

My 365 Day Guarantee!

Here’s my guarantee: take a full 365 days to read and absorb the material and try out my methods.

That’s One Whole Year to try out what I’m teaching you – become a student and apply every step-by-step technique, study every detailed picture and diagram, read every advanced tip...practice EVERYTHING and become a true anal sex artist!

And if at ANY time during that year – even on day 365 – you decide you want your money back, I’ll give it to you, right away.

I know once you read 
Secrets Revealed To The Forgotten Male Orgasm Program and understand the principles behind anal sex techniques, you will realize even $500 would have been a steal of a price - you won’t even dream of refunding!

In fact, you’ll be thanking me!

Discreet - Nothing Is Ever Sent to Your House
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Secrets Revealed To The Forgotten Male Orgasm Program is 100% digital & online info which means we will never send you anything through the mail. The only people who will know about this transaction is you and us, and we will keep it that way! Also, to make sure your purchase is totally private, there will be NO reference to Secrets Revealed To The Forgotten Male Orgasm Program - ever.

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 Yes, Brianne!  I want to learn how to have a MASSIVE P-Spot Orgasm!  .

how to use a strapon

I can't wait to get my hands on 

* The step-by-step instructional "The Ultimate Male Orgasm" ebook, including pictures, diagrams. (Valued at 27.97)

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* Dr. Polmer's Prostate Pleasure Guide to enhance your knowledge and have your man in absolute awe of your skills. (Valued at 27.97)

* With over 1 hour of instructional video on How To Give Your Partner A Prograsm (Valued at 37.97)

* The strap-on exercise online bonus video, The intimate connection online bonus video The Prostate Health, Diet & Exercise and The Ultimate Solution To Premature Ejaculation ebooks (Valued over $130) 

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If you’re serious about learning how to use a strapon without wasting hours trying to re-invent the wheel and figure it out for yourself...

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Brianne Bell

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